Gewürztraminer has a reddish color of grapes and produces particularly aromatic, spicy and easy to identify white wines. Many novice tasters found that Gewürztraminer is the first and often the only variety that they are able to recognize every time they try it. Variety name is derived from the town of Tramino in South Tyrol, where the existence of wines with this name have been documented since the early 11th century. The prefix "Gewürz" means "spice" in German, but here it is used more for it's flavor than taste.

Today Gewürztraminer is the most common version of Traminer. Ripen grapes are distinguished by their different reddish coloration, which is reflected in intense golden color of the wine, sometimes with a slight reddish copper hue. Reaching high alcohol percentage is not a problem for this variety - 13% are common occurrence. Dangerously low can sometimes be the level of acidity. Therefore malolactic fermentation of Gewürztraminer is suppressed.

Poor acid Gewürztraminer is medium ripening variety, gives relatively low yields, reaches a high weight in grape must and features intense flavors. Rose, lychee, bitter orange and marzipan are characteristic of the variety hints of flavor. Gewürztraminer is a particularly picky about soil and climate. Vine is strong, even violent, but likes calcareous soils and is very susceptible to diseases. Buds appear to him earlier, so it is very susceptible to frost.


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