Malbec is a red wine grape variety originating from south-west France. Birthplace of the variety is the region of Cahors, which so far is the most widespread variety. In the early twentieth century is one of the most popular varieties in Europe and particularly in France. After a very cold winter of 1956 killed more than 75% of the vines and today appears more significant areas only near Cahors and the Loire Valley in France.

The vines have an average growth warmer and unstable at low temperatures and frost. Malbec grapes are large, round, thick skin, and clusters are large and sparse. Hallmark is its tripartite leaves, the longest of which is the middle one. It needs a lot of heat, sun and high day and night temperature variations to ripen optimally, and well watered, well-drained soils. In the troubled years gives irregular yields.


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