White grape widely used for making wine, and grapes for direct consumption and for the production of raisins. The family of Muscat has hundreds of variations and varieties, differing in color (from white to dark - almost black ) and in size of the grapes. This category vine is one of the most well-known to wine producers around the world for centuries.

Cluster is small (61 to 105 grams) cylindrical-conical to compressed. Grapes are medium-sized, spherical, greenish -yellow, sometimes with rusty stains. The skin is thin, tough. The grape inside is juicy, pleasant taste with a strong flavor.

In maturity the sugar content of grapes is more than 24%,levels of titratable acidity are: 5.1 to 8 grams/l. Due to the small cluster and small grains it is not known as dessert variety, but is important as a variety for sweet and semi-dry wines. Dry white wines made from this variety are of high quality, with very intense aroma with flowery character, reminiscent of violets and geranium, a significant moderate density and freshness. The wines are consumed young. Some of the best dessert wines are produced from Muscat.

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